Digital Investment Banking

Digital Investment Banking

Next Generation Digital Investment Banking Platform with Institutional grade digital assets trading and custodian services built on the foundation of security, accessibility, compliancy and transparency.

Salvador Credit Union is a complete digital banking solution for banks, brokers, individual traders, funds, family offices and exchanges which enables the Trading, Clearing, and settlements of Digital payments.

Salvador Credit Union provides a Digital Assets payment platform that allows customers to receive digital assets through Straight Through processing from exchanges with easy settlements in GBP, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars and Euro, as well as state-of-the-art cold storage through a partnership with Fireblocks.

Salvador Credit Union overcomes digital asset volatility for merchants by incorporating payments directly into exchange platform networks for instant liquidity. Merchants will be able to receive instant fiat value for payment or hold digital assets to be liquidated at a future date. Merchants will not have to move their digital assets to a third party exchange to sell.

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